Ego Tripping

February 18, 2008
By cursha joseph, Brookln, NY

I am what I am,
Not who you say I am
I am my individual human being,
Not who you want me to be.
I am the role model of future generations
I am what is revealed by divine inspiration
I am the hope for the future and present
I am not what is revealed as a peasant.
I am a precious gift sent from the almighty
I am soul sovereignty
I am the silent hero in the night
That works endlessly saving lives
I am the angel that no one seems to identify
I am the hands that ever ever so gently embraces life
I am the reason why the sun never seems to fade
I am the one who placed smiles upon our face
I am a lover and not a hater
I am godliness and there's no one superior
I am the best of the best
I am... a child.

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