The Sorceress

February 18, 2008
Through the tangle of the darkness
You can see the blinding light
A dark and angry sorceress
Crouched and ready for a fight

Her hair is red like blood
What her lips are covered with
Like the raw red of a roses bud
A ghost of horror from a myth

Angry snarls rip from her chest
And her pointed teeth do gleam
You’re her final test
Her eyes are bright and beam

The damsel in distress
Crouched and mangled on the floor
The sorceress shown no sign of stress
As the girl runs for the door.

It’s too late for the girl
And the new moon on her throat
And as the faces whirl
Her body seems to float.

Her icy eyes turn to you
And you’re frozen with fear
Knowing not what to do
Your options become clear

The choice is life or death
But which choice is which?
And her spice scented breath
Her plan goes without a hitch

Your life is in her hands now
Resting on her self control
Its time to take the final bow
As the curtains of life slowly close

But the sorceress breaks away
And now your one of them
You can see the smile play
From ear to ear, nose to chin

You’re a parasite now
A vampire just like them
It’s no longer time for the play’s final bow
The play will never end

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