Gabriel Rowe

July 10, 2011
By Themike SILVER, Greenwood, South Carolina
Themike SILVER, Greenwood, South Carolina
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I happen to have an alter ego;
That goes by the name of Gabriel Rowe.
His half is the anger;
Mine is the sorrow.

He makes me write terrible things.
He gives me terrible, horrid dreams.
When he takes over I try to make him stop.
because if he gains control someone may mop up my blood with a mop.

He was in control when I stood in that street.
He wanted to make me into mince meat.
He made me so angry I wanted to die
And only one person could make me try.

Make me try not to be so sad.
Make Gabriel try not to be so bad.
And one day he will be no more
I will push him right out my door.

Then that bastard will get what he deserves
Because right now he only serves
As a little voice that is a little bit crazy.
And also quite a little bit lazy.

Now I'm really in my right mind.
Gabriel no longer has me in his bind.
Because no matter what it isn't worth suicide.
from now on I'll just go with the tide.

Gabriel WAS my alter ego;
But now I know he was just a mofo.
He was insane and I'm glad he died.
and from now on I'm just going with the tide

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