June 21, 2011
By BrianT. SILVER, Boise, Idaho
BrianT. SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
Don't waste time or time will waste you.

What is pain without pleasure, death without life?
What is bread without butter, or butter without knife?

What is kind without mean?
What is fat without lean?
What is known without seen?
What is dirty without clean?

What is the sea without air, what is man without thought?
What is fast without slow, what do you know that’s untaught?

What is rich without poor?
What is roof without floor?
What is play without chore?
What is healed without sore?

What is seen without sought, what are birds without flock.
What’s an ear without sound, what’s a boat without dock?

What is big without small?
What is height without fall?
Can you walk before crawl?
What is short without tall?

What is enemy without friend, what is plane without flight?
What is left, wrong, or obtuse if there isn’t a right?

What is sky without ground?
What is lost without found?
What is smile without frown?
What is straight without round?

What is left, what is right, what is down, what is up?
What is food without plate or drink without cup?

What is day without night?
What is dark without bright?
What are eyes without sight?
What is peace without fight?

What am I without you, what are we with out us?
What is a car without wheels, or a driver without bus?

What is success without failure, or boom without recession?
What is stop without go, and what is answer without question?

The author's comments:
This piece expresses the yin and yang of the universe. It asks questions that at first seem obvious, but mean more when thought about on a deeper level.

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