June 21, 2011
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The weight is so heavy

I feel I can’t even hold my head up

I am to afraid to be brave

To weak to be strong

To blind to see

And to deaf to hear

To mute to speak

To sad to be happy

To small to be big

To angry to forgive

To pessimist to me optimist

And to cold to be warm.

Catch me I'm falling

Catch me I'm falling

Flying head first into fate

Catch me I'm falling

Please hear me calling

Catch me before it's too late

Catch me before it's too late

Catch me before it's too late

Catch me I'm falling

Catch me I'm falling

Catch me I'm falling.

I am falling and I can’t stop

Fate is calling, I can hear it

I can’t stop myself

No one hears me cries for help

It’s too late

It’s too late

I’m falling and it’s too late

No one can catch me now

Lord though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I’m not scared cause You’re holding my breath

My only fear is I won’t have enough time left

To tell the world that there’s no time left.

I’m falling to my death

Falling down into this void of darkness

I have no fear

I don’t fear death

I don’t fear life, either

But to be honest

I have one fear

I need the world to know who You are

That there is no time left

That we must take a stand

I need to tell them

Before I go

Catch me I’m falling

My only fear is that I won’t have enough time left

Catch me before it’s too late

To tell the world that there’s no time left.

Please, help me.

Let it all out

Let it all out

You don’t have to act so brave

Let it out

Don’t hold it in

Show me your pain

Your suffering

I may not be able to help much

But I can help you

I have fallen

I have gotten back up

If I get up I might fall back down again

So let’s get up, c’mon

Let’s get up

Get up with me

Walk with me

Let me help you

Introduce you to someone

I have decided to follow

I have decided to follow Jesus

No turning back

No turning back

Will you please come with me?

Though none go with me

Still I will follow

Even if you don’t

I will

I will follow without you

But please, will you follow?

Will you let it all out

Get up and follow?

Take a look at the invisible girl

Here she is

Clear as the day

Please look closely and find her before

She fades away

You say that you’re invisible

No one can see you

Let me in

I see you clear as day

People love you

They may now show it

But they love you

So much more than you could ever imagine

Super boy may hold you down

But don’t let him

He is not a super hero

Nor is he God

He is a simple human

He does not define who you are

What you do

Or who loves you

So why do you doubt others?

Is everybody going crazy?

Is anybody gonna save me?

Can anybody tell me what’s going on

Tell me what’s going on

If you open your eyes

You’ll see that something is wrong.

I see it

I understand what you mean

The world is crazy

All the parents

All the politicians

All the church-goers

All the school teachers

All the magic makers

But they mean nothing

They over look everything

Just because they don’t deal with things

They know what goes on

But they choose to ignore it

It is truly sick

Seeing a world like this one

Children starving in the street

Parents acting as the enemy

People forcing their agenda

Politicians lying their way to the top

Teenage girls selling themselves to men for money

Teenage boys selling drugs

The bullying in schools that people ignore

Everybody is going crazy

They have been for a while

Ever since the world began

People wanted their way

The end justifies the means

They don’t care what they do

As long as they get what they want

I care

Do not stereotype the individual

cuz what you hear in your stereo is not the typical

I am stereotyped

We all are

We live to what people say we will

What do stereotypes mean?


They don’t matter

Not unless you believe them

I don’t

They say I have no hope

I am afraid

I am weak

I am blind

I am deaf

I am mute

I am sad

I am small

I am angry

I am pessimist

And I am cold

But I’m not

You say I am all those things

But I have hope

I am brave

I am strong

I can see

I can hear

I can speak

I am happy

I am big

I am forgiving

I am optimist

And I am warm

Warm inside, knowing that I have hope

And that I have people who care

I may not see them often

But I have them

They talk to me

Pray for me

And would do anything for me

And I thank them all so much for that

You give me nothing but pain

You stereotype me for being myself

Someone once said that a world without weird people is like vanilla ice cream without sprinkles.

So let’s just face it

Without me, you would be no where

You would have your normal world

Where everyone was like you

Mean, fake and boring

Where everything was so perfect

No one was unique

Well, that will never happen

We’re not done yet

Not going quietly into the night

Not me and my friends

We’re not done yet

Don’t take it too seriously

It’s just life will win in the end

And we walk on and on and on.

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