January 25, 2008
my family is like a willow tree there is many branches of it.

My brothers are like tigers always trying to get their prey
my sister is a sun that shines everyday

my dog talks to me as if i can understand what she is saying
my little dog is always barking

every time we try to go somewhere someone is always not ready and it takes us like 90 hours to leave

my family is like fish food, there is a little sprinkle of it everywhere

my brothers are speakers of a stereo as they constantly singing lyrics from songs
my sister is a flower always blossoming in on someones day

my dog jumps into a bed and tries to go to sleep like any person would
you can always hear the banging of someone running around the house

when we try to go to an amusement park it's like being stuck in slow motion for 100 years because you have to wait for everyone to get their ticket

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