Life & Death

July 6, 2011
By , Georgetown, KY
The wind is blowing cold air under the gray clouds
The cemetery looks neglected, empty, no crowds
Through the mud and wet grass we walked upon
Seeing where we want to go, less short than long
The headstone stands still just as we stood
No words came out of our mouths even if we could
I want to stay strong and not cry
But then the rain fell from the sky
She’s in a better place they said
But why’d she have to spend her last in that sick bed?
I’ll never get it and I’ll never let it go
This winter is bitter with that cold snow
As we pick a rose from what lays above her
I’m not really positive what before had occurred
Now I know what the difference is between life and death
Life is for the living she said, death is gone and life’s what’s left

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