upside down rown

July 6, 2011
Acting tough fails when im alone when the lights are off and no ones home

You know that feeling when you wanna give up but you cant because you put so much in

And they’re running around trash talking you to theirs friend

I try to be nice but its hard to smile to your perfect mistake

I cant give you my real emotions so ive got to be fake

Ive got to turn the cheak when your with that girl even though the thought of it makes me wanna hurl

My loves like the sea you cant make clear of the end and your anger like a hurricane with no means to be friends

Everyone tells me im going to do better that what im going through is like being under the weather…

it will pass and ill be able to clean up all the broken glass.

Im an understanding person but how much do you need I cant restart with you…i don’t wanna replant that seed.

Quit being angry wipe that look from your face its your turn to understand

Don’t spit rude words when im lending a hand

You call me crazy.yea im crazy in love with a boy who said forever now u hate me so I get the shove

I bowed down to your rules always made you look good

I was the secret cheerleader as you told me I should

I don’t want to fight im all out of it I want a relationship for it to be ligit

Can you read what im saying or did I not make the cut

You never let me finish you always had a but

Im ”crazy insane a mental asylum” my brain has gone away my heart has gone numb

My cuts are deep so im wearing a sweater thats the metaphor that im hurt I feel like some dirt but I hide it

And my words feel so pointless that this wont even rhyme…..

And that’s silly but that’s how it is.

I cant jump out of love from a magazine quiz

You feel me? i just wanna be clear just writing this fills me with fear.

Lets move on dear

Take me now how I am and embrace it or listen to them and forget it…

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