Eyes and Shoes

July 6, 2011
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I know a girl
With Rainbow eyes.
Wherever she goes
She always cries.

She doesn't wear make-up;
She doesn't wear shoes;
The places she'll go
Are the places she'll choose.

I know a boy
With shining brown eyes.
But as they grow darker,
They shame the night sky.

Where are his dreams?
He's wearing his shoes.
Wherever he goes,
He's got nothing to lose

I know a boy
With cloudy gray eyes.
He'll spend his whole life
Telling you lies.

He doesn't feel anything;
He doesn't wear shoes.
He'll be dragged into places
But he won't refuse.

I know a boy
With Sparkling eyes
And a beautiful smile,
And a heart that's alive!

But he's just a baby
And keeps on his shoes,
Because the heart that he has
Is too precious to lose.

I am the girl
With the sunshine eyes.
They're filled to the brim
With the tears and the lies.

I'll get out of here someday.
I don't wear shoes.
With my heart on the line,
I'll go where I choose.

Don't give up yourself
For someone you're not.
Because in the end
You're what you've got.

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