June 18, 2011
By OpenButterfly BRONZE, Potterville, Michigan
OpenButterfly BRONZE, Potterville, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"She's like my sister...... you break her heart, I'll break your face." -unknown-
"Hell hath no fury, of a woman scorned." -Shakespeare-

How's it fair?
Is it wrong?
But not tiny."
Not a size two."

Yes, I'm big;
What's the problem?
Just because
I'm not skinny,
I get teased,
Taunted, laughed at.

That is wrong,
So very wrong!
The real me.

Yes! I'm mad!
If different,
It gets mocked....
I'm sick of it.

I'm teased, but
I'm confident.
I'm happy.
But the other's....
Don't believe
They're beautiful.

But for me,
I'm proud, so fine!
Laugh at me....
Ridicule me....
I won't change,
I never will.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because I'm sick of some people(not all) thinking I'm not beautiful just because I'm a size 16. I hope that people will understand that every girl in the world is beautiful, no matter what their weight is, or their height, or the way they dress.

p.s: I wrote this for a writing contest and I couldn't submit it to this site until after the contest was over, that's why I'm only putting it up now.

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