With one life

June 18, 2011
By Skemo18 SILVER, Hamilton, New Jersey
Skemo18 SILVER, Hamilton, New Jersey
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Monday, the day she hates the most,
She wakes up in the morning, hopes and prays that nothing will happen.
Monday, the day she lost someone close,
Someone close to her heart, someone no one will ever replace.

Monday, the day she screamed and yelled,
But no one could hear,
And now she thinks she is living her worst fears.

Monday, the day she thought would never end,
Now she has got to stop playing pretend.
Monday, the day she realized how important was life, now she has to pay the price.
Monday, the day she’d never forget,
And all those that she met.
Monday, the day she thought her family would love her,
Turned out to be the day they left her.
Monday, the day all her hope was gone,
All she said was, “I got to be strong.”

But still, why should she be in a race, if she’s not willing to take it pace by pace?
Monday, the day she asked herself “is love real or is it an opening for pain?”
Monday, the day full of hurt and lies,
She stands watch while others die.
Monday, the day she wonders “what does it mean to be homeless? Does it mean you have no home or you have no dreams?”

Monday, the day she was standing between heaven and hell,
Now she is thinking “it’s about time I fell.”

Monday, the day she saw her best friend get shot,
But then she was there for him on the spot.
Though people don’t think she’s tough, all they should know is that she has been through so much.
Monday, the day she finds her one love loves another,
Even though she loved a significant other.

Monday, the day she stopped, stared and couldn’t breathe,
And this happens every time that someone seen.
Monday, the day she found out her dad was a different race, and she’s staring up at space.
Monday, the day she kept seeing the same faces,
Even though she was going to different places.
Monday, the day her and her sister stopped talking,
The last thing they said was “just keep walking.”

Also, Monday was the day she lost who she was,
And she thinks she’ll never find it no matter what she does.
And now I leave you with this question: Do you think she’ll pay the price with one life??

The author's comments:
this was based all the pain and trials i have been through

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