Take Me Home

July 8, 2011
By denise_2012 BRONZE, Gainesville, Alabama
denise_2012 BRONZE, Gainesville, Alabama
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When the sun goes down
And the moon begins to show
The streetlights come on
And glisten off the roads
And you're riding in a car 
Heart beating hard and slow
Reminding you of the melody 
That's playing on the radio
You're not prepared for what's ahead
But you know what is to come
It's like the lyrics to the radio's
Tension-filled songs
You look around for population
But you notice you're alone 
Except for the persuasive driver
Who wouldn't take you home
So now you're tightly bound
With insane thoughts filling your head
You're afraid to tell him 'No'
Or admit to him you're scared
You wake up the next day 
And regret what you have done
You're convinced it was consensual
But for you it wasn't fun
The next weekend is the same
But your eyes fill with tears
'Is this what other girls feel?'
Why would they want to be here?
But next time's not the same
Despite his heart- twisting tone
No matter what he says
You're convinced you want to go home
That little girl inside of you
Feels violated and enraged
But the comfort of your bed
Makes you feel like you're safe
Even if he never talks to you
And you feel all alone 
You're glad you're a lucky girl
That finally said 'Take me home'

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