How to: Create a Mind Blowing Solution

July 8, 2011
By RosieB. GOLD, Torrance, California
RosieB. GOLD, Torrance, California
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“How did you create such a brilliant solution?”
asks society around you.

“Was it whispered in your ear?”
“Did you gulp down a black art potion, and did your mind grow clear?”
“Did you read a thousand books?”
“Or rather, write them all?”
“Were you “gifted”, “brilliant”, or the head of your town hall?”
“If not academically talented, then you MUST have had to be
the school’s baseball star, or win gold medals yearly?”
“What’s that? You say that you were not arithmetic or athletic?”
“Then you were probably very wealthy.”
“Did you send your checks and payments to
the company number on your screen in blue;
did you buy a couple of solutions ‘for the price of one, not two!’?”

Overwhelmed, outraged, and outright appalled,
you mask your curses and say to them all:

“Solutions do not appear out of thin air,
and are certainly not obtained through magic; I swear.
One is not required to be fluent in numbers or fluid with a ball,
you don’t have to be ingenious or muscular at all.
Certainly, one does NOT have to be an affluent adolescent
and the solutions you order on television, if any, are obsolescent.
Rather than exceeding intelligence, success in fitness, or abundant banknotes,
I recommend you roll up the sleeves of your coats.
Be honest with your situation.
Be willing to listen to others in collaboration.
Be attentive, patient, and reflecting,
for there is no solution that does not require perfecting.
Once you catch a good solution, be sure not to detour;
that you are creating solutions, not problems, be sure.
When there is a will, there is a way;
an individual’s will power cannot be confined and bound to what others may say.
One can produce an exceptional solution
no matter how short of your “standards” they may fall,
their solutions sprouted from willingness, patience, and modesty, will likely shine from the rest, withal.”

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