Stupid Mistakes

July 7, 2011
By , Miami, FL
With each passing day the clock ticked by counting down time until you would utter your final lie. Red cheeks, teary eyes, “this is terrible” the little boys cries. He wants his brother, his very best friend, but he’s been ripped right out of his head. We tell him to smile, no longer frown. Fake what he’s feeling, lie to himself. “Get out!” the dreams of a nice happy family, shattered. A figment of hopes, a little girl, approached by a brother she knew very well, he loved her, she loved him, but reality reigned true, when the boy walked away, the girl cried out in pain unaware of what she could do. I sit in his empty room, shadows of what once were befriend me. I have pictures in my hand, his shirt on my shoulder, and memories to keep him alive. The boy’s heart is beating, that much is true, but the brother disappeared and the little girl’s energy’s depleting, she’s trying to keep him in mind. Why hope for what will never be, the heart isn’t kind . I have faith in myself and faith in the younger, but my mother I’ve questioned, my father is scared, and the eldest’s memory has died. Did this really just happen, did the threats really go this far? He never believed her when she said he had to give it all up if he wanted to stay, and now he’s pushed away. I haven’t heard his mocking in awhile, it feels unhealthy, my family’s put him on trial. I’ll never make the same mistakes that put my brother in this place, all I know is there are other ways…

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