I See

December 26, 2007
By Sandi Moynihan, Sugar Land, TX

I see what you’re afraid of,
Too scared look it in the eye.
You forbid it to the corners,
Hoping secretly it will die.

Why don’t you see that facing it,
Will make it go away?
The longer you avoid it’s face
The more yours fades to grey.

I see the light it steals from you,
The things it takes away,
But you don’t notice anything
And claim you’re still the same.

Why can’t you try to drive it off,
And send it on its way?
If not for me, than for yourself
Right now, tomorrow, today.

I see the shadow it casts on you,
And how it steals your breath
But you will never let it leave your side
You send me off instead.

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