My husband and kids were my career

December 25, 2007
By Nina Richardson, San Jose, CA

My husband and kids were my career
And now I’m sitting here at God’s ear
Telling him about my life.
Well, I was a mother and a wife.

I sat at home where I cooked and cleaned
Never realizing how mapped out it all seemed.
Instead of staying at home wanting to scream
I wish I would have taken a risk or touched a dream.

But I wouldn’t step out of the norm
For fear I would run into a storm.
Now my body lies here motionless and dead
Only reminiscing about the life I led.

No hungry children to feed.
No dependent husband in need.
Just me, thinking about what could have been.
Not taking advantage of life should be a sin,
So if I could give advice to the living…
Start taking more than giving.

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