In My Skin

December 25, 2007
By Emily Cooper, Toronto, ZZ

In My Skin

Beauty is only skin deep
Revealing layers of oppression and depression
The further in we seep

A beautiful young girl
Free in the world, yet incased in her own little box

Constraining herself to a worldly standard
She can never just be

She’s afraid
Afraid to let anyone in
Afraid to be herself

These fears hold her and constrain her
Limit her and her actions
She can never just be

This beautiful girl is now ugly
Although her face shines brighter than ever
She hides in a blanket of her own shame
Afraid to let people see
See her for what she truly is

If only she could just let go
If only she could just be free
But she tries so hard to hold on that she actually slips

Slips into the unknown
Unwilling and not ready for what lies ahead
All because she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin.

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