December 25, 2007
By Judy Reu, Solon, OH

And there is no bottom left
As we’re plummeting perilously
Grasping for the life lines to pull us up
And lift us out of our own fantasy

Darker, rushing without a glimpse of what used to be
With no truth in our blood
No knowledge
No wisdom
No sagacity

Tell me passion

The border between what is right and wrong is blurring all too quickly
Leaving us dangerously hanging at the cliff of our faith
The faith of the real world

We’re slipping away and crashing
There is no reality when we’re together

Our eyes are always shut
Sight isn’t needed to feel the
Blue skies and green grasses
Euphoniously meshing to become one

Tell me nonsense

We’ve set out on a course
A journey of our life
A path of our adventures
But halfway through we realize that we have
No destination

It’s a race for it all
Nothing lets us rest
A perpetual movement of every inner cell and outer hair on the skin
Ubiquitous kinetic energy

We’re crazy; I can feel it
Pumping through our veins with no resistance
Proliferating with no cause
The flow of emotions within us
Bonding us forever
For eternity

Tell me love

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