Only His Hands Can Break Me Free

December 25, 2007
Only His Hands Can Break Me Free
As the world changes everything comes tumbling down
And my heart becomes faint
I wish to disappear and get out of this place
With intentions of breaking the chains I may give exile a shot
Hopefully never to realize what I need is what I already got
So goodbye to the laughs
Wish I could stay but nothing good ever last
Goodbye to liars with their trial adjourned
With their dirty hands they infect the world with their germ
To the hills I go, to the land unseen
Nobody touched the grass, nobody but me
Where I can be alone, alone with His hands
Where love has another meaning one which people don’t understand
So take me, take me as I am
But just remember where I have been
I have seen the wood and the nails try and crucify our love
I have seen the sinners try and hang me back up
Take me quick before I lose faith
The unseen hills I hope will keep color to my face
For when I go back the Devil with set my face pale
Locked up by the shackles and thrown in this jail
Once I am locked up the hills will post bail and ill be set free
Back to the hills, yes to the hills I flee
The Devil and God rage inside me

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