Life and Love

December 25, 2007
Life and Love

Life and love,
Are these things are just together with the mob?
God made these things to be in a person
And as far as I know, He has His own reason.

Life is where we can learn,
Like knowledges that can never be burned.
Life is seemed to be tough,
He’s making sure that you’ll be strong enough.
Life is like the stairs,
Work hard and it will always be fair.
Life is what you make,
Earning God and success before it’s too late.

Love is like a color,
It works out as you open your door.
Love is like a machine,
A big inspiration to achieve your dream.
Love is dependent,
You cannot have it by yourself.
Love needs to be shared,
It must be unconditionally bared.

Life and love,
Are these things will be our mission to our job?
Now that I know their values to me,
I’ll be doing my best before death comes after me.

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