Don't bother saying im the best cuz im close to the worst

December 24, 2007
By Eric Williams, Everett, WA

Don't bother saying im the best cuz im close to the worst
Separated at birth w/ this gift you call a curse.
Don't bother tellin me you love me cuz I love you back
I was apart b4 u came and when u leave IF you leave I'll be half of that
Don't bother sayin I'm the cause of your problems and create this personal beef
You aint gone make or break me, here's your rude awakening
And I'm gonna die on my feet than live on my knees
I'm sick of apologies that make it hard to breathe
And it's not like you can take me serious
I came off delirious w/ the pen I write lyrics with
It was a long struggle for me to get where I stand today
Style in my hands today, don't strip that away.
I'm not here to preach or teach
or here for entertainment of others
or the battles of my enemies
I faced off my former self w/ all my suicidal tendencies.
Till death do me part like weddin rings whether you like it or not I'm here 4ever
Put that on everything.
And that's what they're scared off I reside in rhythm and sound
Walls are walls they'll be broken down
And what gets sent comes bak ten fold.
So w/ my karma I might die and 20 yrs old.
So don't bother getting a rally to save my health
Cuz if nothing else I won the battle w/ self

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