Summer Days

December 24, 2007
By kayla m., Ooltewah, TN

The curtains blow in the wind,
And the empty rocker creeks.
You can smell the rain
That lingers in the air,
And see the rainbow in the sky.
The birds come out and sing their songs,
And the clouds begin to clear.
The sun is coming out again for another summer's day.
The children all come out to play,
And the pool begins to see a crowd.
The beaches are full of people
The couches are left bare.
The lemonade stands set up on the corner,
Only five cents a glass.
The park is packed,
Not a swing to spare.
Don’t forget the sun block
In your hurry towards the beach.
And when she summer day is done,
And everyone has had their fun,
We go to bed and wake tomorrow for another one.

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