Truth Be Told

December 24, 2007
By Angela Danielle, Semmes, AL

Truth Be Told

Everytime i close my eyes,
i picture how it could be.
Everytime i see his face,
i ask myself 'how could he?'
Everytime i hear his voice,
i think of all the lies he told.
Everytime i feel his touch,
another truth unfolds
Deceiving eyes, Hurtful lies.
is this what it comes down to?
Painful relations, Confusing conversations.
if this is it, i dont need you.
then, as i spoke those very words,
my heart came out of my mouth.
and right before the place i stood,
all the things i never said found their way out.
You were everyhting i have ever wanted,
or at least what i believed you to be.
You were the one constant thing in my life,
the only one to ever make me happy.
You put that pretty little smile on my face.
Why were you so quick to take it away?
If you loved me so much, why didn't you stay?
and now i am forced to see ya'll together everyday.
Nomore i do, nomore i will.
if you loved me, you would still.
nomore im sorry, nomore mistakes.
today is the day i give it all away.
You dont want me, so i am through.
In the end she deserves you.
Because i dont want you, you are all hers.
Dont bother saying sorry this time,
you might choke on the words.

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