To you I confess my love

December 24, 2007
By Ember SILVER, Rapid City, South Dakota
Ember SILVER, Rapid City, South Dakota
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People look up to you, you know.
For a good reason, you save lives. Some might even say “restore” lives.
You are the hero in comic books, the one that catches the
bad guys and puts them away.
The light in the closet.
People need you to right all the wrongs of the world,
but I just need you to take me away.
Inches away from my face,
sending shivers down my spine with a single look.
You are holding me so close to you I can feel your heart
beating faster with every breath you take.
You can tell I’m scared, but for some reason you can tell it’s not you that I’m afraid of.
Looking into your eyes helps me forget what he did,
despite the worried look in them as they shift across mine.
You pull me closer and with every inch subtracted I feel safer.
Big strong arms wrap around my lower back in one swift move.
Closing my eyes slowly, I can feel your breath on my face.
The kiss, lasting forever it seemed, paralyzed my very core in a way I have never felt before.
“I love you.”
Don’t let go.

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