A boy and a girl.

December 24, 2007
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A boy and a girl.
Both with the same mission and also
the same last name.
Not the kind of mission with high-tech equipment
or government officials,
but the kind with morals.
To make an impact in the world,
to exist as a feeling forever lingering in the air,
past passing.
They just want the world to remember them
as they were, not for what they were seen as.
Digging at the tree of life with the sharp edges of their hearts.
The first true emotionally immortal
human beings ever to exist.
There is no passage to anywhere without
Among this knowledge, comes not fear.
They know:
all the secrets, all the false teachings.
You cannot see the end result without crossing
paths with the things that haunt you most.
Two people, both alike in life and in love,
Trying to make their names known.
One boy and one girl.

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