She Who Howls For The Moon

December 24, 2007
By Courtney Lowe, Fort Lewis, WA

Poison spreads
Through her body,
Water rippling
As it darkens.

A rose petal, dead
Its thorn dripping
With the heat
That burns through its stem.

Sick, it twists
But a shadow of itself
Melting into the shape
Of a wolf.

Shot, it trembles
On the sodden ground
As the poison taints her blood
Reeking havoc.

Desperate she howls, seeking the moon
Who takes her in gentle arms
Silver kisses caressing her body
Like a cool summer breeze.

Trembling she lays
Lost but for the light
That bathes her soul
The darkness cannot take.

Milky twilight and dawn
The last drop of poison
Dripping off the thorn as she sleeps
Resting in her gentle form.

Running wild with the moonlight
That calls to her soul each night
She breathes its essence, her savior,
Her soul forever held in his arms.

She howls to the sky,
Drinking in the light
As silver kisses weave
An eternal promise, love.

Together they abandon
Control to their passion
Together they live the dream
Eternally bounded, below and above

Eternal Love.

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