Feeling the rain

December 24, 2007
By Alexandria Ball, Washington, MO

Feeling the rain
of hate and betrail
feel it running through your viens
when everything looks so pale
It seems you bit off
more than you can chew
And I've done all i can do

Life is cold
people hate
and not everything turns out so great
So when you sleep dream of me
and when you wake up everything will be ok

I would drown in all your tears
so you would never cry
Id travel the earth in search of truth
so you would never hear a lie
id live my life in darkness
so light would shine through you
ill do all i can for you

life is cold
people hate
things happen for a reason it must be fate
so when i sleep ill dream of your face
and when i wake up it will be ok

feeling hollow
no emotion inside
all the tears that ive swallowed
all the nights that i cried

im done with the pain
in sickness and health
feeling empty inside
and hating myself

so when life is cold
when people hate
and when not everything turns out so great
we'll lie together and never wake
and everything will be ok.

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