Nobody Knows

July 5, 2011
Will I live up to their expectations
Or will my dreams just fade away
Will I succeed like they all want me to
Or will my name only exist for today

Am I as beautiful as I think I am
Or am I truly that bitter and cruel
Will my kind hopes ever be reached
Or will I let the monster inside me rule

There's a darkness creeping up within
This broken heart inside me
But does anyone really know
Can anybody even see me

My screams echo into a lonely soul
None bother to listen, they can't even hear
The painful cry I give
As I'm swallowed up by fear

Why don't they realize
All this suffering I'm in
How long can I last
Before death is sure to win

An overpowering force
Seems to haunt me here and now
Ready to jump out
Get rid of it, someone tell me how

It's a curse brought upon me
My heart starts to wither and die
All the inocence I once had
All I know now is a lie

Someone come save me
From this evil in my heart
Before all this happened
Back to the very start
They say everything happens for a reason
But what I cannot figure out
Is why I am left alone to suffer
Within my mind; consumed by doubt

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