December 23, 2007
By Neha Kumar, Memphis, TN

Crackling flames which lash out at those who dare to come close
Seemingly harmless, seemingly innocent...
Like raucous laughter that beckons many to stay by its side
And mocks and taunts those too fearful to approach

Those who lust after it, those who are enamored, bewitched
They learn quickly...
It is not something you can walk away from without the painful and ugly scars to share

Well-meaning adults warn us to take heed, to stay far away
But they forget, that the only way to truly understand the devastating consequences
Is to experience it first-hand, alone
After all, they too were foolish, rash, gullible children
Some of them felt the sting of the flame and fled like cowards
Some of them enjoyed the sensation of being burned again and again
But no matter.
They all fell to it, domino against domino

Testing all five of our senses, raising passion in our hearts
Attacks us in our Achilles’ heel
Wrenches out our darkest, deepest secrets and displays it to the world
Provokes us time and time again
Until the best option--the only option
Is to yield to the fire burning in our hearts
And give ourselves up to the hands of fate

I scorn the fools, the liars
Who claim most insincerely
That there are many who have existed
Who have never deferred to this irresistible temptation
For it is irresistible, alluring, overpowering
You can not live without tasting the apple in the Garden of Eden
These liars are usually
The ones who have tasted the forbidden fruit the most

So what can you say now, in retaliation?
Do you insist that you have never, will never stray to this path?
The path that even a two-year child will take, kicking and screaming?
True, there are some truly wicked ones
Who butcher anyone who dares to oppose their views
Who slaughter those without a shadow of a doubt in their callous, pitiless
Almost inhuman selves
I spit on them.
But you are only a fine line away from being like those despicable monsters
We are alike after all, you know, humans all the same...
So you can not tell me that you have remained perfectly angelic
Don’t even dare.
You have succumbed to this emotion, you have given in to the righteous anger in your heart.
You have unleashed all of your feelings with a burst of passion
You have hurt many and will continue to do so.
And many will hurt you and will never stop.

Wrath: The lethal, unrelenting, deadly sin
It is around you, it is in you and it can not be scrubbed away.
Let us all meet in hell then.
To face our wretched consequence: be dismembered alive.

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