The Princess With A Curtained Face

July 1, 2011
No one has ever seen her,
no one knows her name.
She is a legend, this princess with a curtained face.
Her midnight dark hair covers black ink eyes.
Full, round lips are set in a line.
Her tiny frame is toned but hunched,
and her slender fingers have long nailed claws.
She has Earthy skin and a panther's walk.
She grins with a fox-like sly, but looks with a kitten's hopeful-sad eye.
She glides with a raven's flight,
and faces the world with a tiger's strike.
In her mind colors and shapes twirl about,
but outside-no expressions, no emotions, no words are let out.
She walks around ancient halls,
humming to herself and the friendly brick walls.
No one can see her.
No one can know her name.
She promised herself, this princess with a curtained face.

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