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July 1, 2011
Firecrackers in my brains,
hot pink, midnight purple, virgin white, and jade.
Bubbles simmering down my body-
then explode in passion sprays.
Burns my skin in melting, popping, glitter acid rays.
Blinds my eyes and twitches my spine,
and crawls through my ears like smoke.
Memories that boil like a volcano of mine-
and stories that never spoke.
Lover, dear lover, my lover with wings,
and a bright oasis for eyes.
Sweet little smile and a smirk and a wink,
and a sword made of justice and lies.
It never sliced me, it never sliced me,
and he pleas that I shouldn't die.
So I live with the stars,
and try not to puke,
as firecrackers set off my cry.

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