December 22, 2007
By Eden Robinson, San Francisco, CA


Secretly avoiding the venomous bite
that coils itself around the temptress.

She walks about the room,
twirling this beast like a pen
between her strong flexible fingers.

Commanding and powerful,
she manipulates the gentle silence
as if it was a child's toy.

She echoes a well-deserved laugh,
which you don't realize has occured
until it caresses your ears
like a soft tidal wave
and intoxicates your mind
with gentle summer melody.
All seductively calling to you
with a promise of strong arms and warm safety

But this is all just a little toying of the light,
a puff of smokescreen,
to pull you away
from what her leathery skin is protecting.
For if perchance you do see through it..

Beware the beast that lies beneath.

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