December 22, 2007
By Eden Robinson, San Francisco, CA

We climb inside our boxes and paint perfect beings on our walls and beg for forgiveness.
They placidly and silently smile back at us.
We are forgiven.
We smile.
We are forgiven.
We relax.
We are forgiven.
We are forgiven by these perfect smiling faces, those who will never leave us.
Their skin is smooth layers of paint, not like ours, which crack and bleed without our permission.
They are beautiful angels of salvation, reassuring us with their perpetual smiles.
Maybe we can finally peel off these layers of tears and blood and shame, and join our portraits of perfection.
Maybe someday we can stop feeling scared and helpless and lost.
Maybe someday we can blend in with the walls and these beautiful beings.
Maybe someday we'll be saved from everything that we don't want to believe anymore.
"Someday", we whisper in the dark when even our night-lights cannot keep our fears at bay.

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