December 21, 2007

sunburned clouds and

sweet perfume

I stare at the sky

locked in my room

the door rattles loudly

although no one is there

the screams echo roundly

although no one does care

the mind does cartwheels

and the body reels

i can't feel my heart beating

and I can't feel the truth

what is my purpose

what is my theme

where am i going

where have i been

the facts lie somewhere buried

murdered and sunk in the sea

my soul twists and turns like a kite in the wind

and my legs will not move to help me escape

my question will go unanswered

my mind will continue to wonder

my hope still lives in the fog

but still i look toward the sky

my salvation is somewhere lost in the thunder

i stare at the sky

locked in my room

and lay there and ponder

who am i?

and who are you?

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