"Some Legends Are Meant To Die"

December 21, 2007
By Max Hardesty, Wichita, KS

The clouds and sky are being pulled towards the east. I can see outside that the grass is waving that way as well. After all of this, the world is being torn apart, and I sit in this bed, not moving. She sits across the room, laying down as well, looking at me. I smile. She doesn’t. Her stare is blank.

It has come to this. The Overseer has led it to this. Outside, the atmosphere is dead, you can feel it, and the sky is purple and pink, blinding whoever dares look at it. I’m sure if one were to follow the river who’s current is being swept east by the weak wind pulling at it, would find nothing. Whatever is down there…it is The End.

Still in the bed, I can hear a cold, quiet piano playing, each note striking me in the chest. It melodically plays a sad tune, and it make me want to cry. This is such a far shot from what it used to be. I feel lifeless, dull, and like nothing is left to do. If there were anything to do.

And the lights begin to fade above me. I can tell, from inside the doorway. Voices crowd into my head, screaming at me, whispering at me, cursing me, guiding me. It’s finally over. It’s been so long. Yet I feel like I want so much more. I look over again, knowing I don’t have much time, and she finally smiles. She’s talking to me, but I can’t make out the words. It’s been a long drive since we discovered from the Overseer that this World is going to end.

And she continues to talk, it only buzzing over and over in my head. The voices get in the way. But as the lights continue to dim, and it gets dimmer, and the wind gets stronger, and you can hear all the sounds in the world gathering and getting louder, and you can feel The End getting nearer, and the sad piano continues to strike my chest. In all this chaos, through the voices in my head…She says those three words that I haven’t heard in years. Her slanted eyes, you can tell, are full with tears. She attempts to reach over and grab my hand. I extend mine. We hold each other for a bit.

“I love you.” She says.

And there it is. I begin to cry. Finally, after all that has happened, she says it for the first time since forever…and the last time as well. Tears drop down onto the ground, and depression sinks in and hits the bottom so hard…I can’t take it. My mouth bursts open as unintelligible babbles burst out through heavy sobs. I hold her hand harder.

I try to prolong it as much as I can, but that isn’t up to me. The wind gusts are stronger outside. When I can finally manage it, I reply, “I…love you…too.”

And the sky goes black.

And everything goes dead.

And the grass is still.

And the water is at rest.

And my hand is still holding hers.

And hers is still gripping mine.

And she closes her eyes.

And I close mine.

And my last thought is, “O, Borne Into Darkness, Awakened Under Light, Two Sinister Lovers Will Be Found Dead Tonight.”

And “Some Legends Are Meant to Die.”

And “Some To Live.”

And “I Love You.”

And All Goes Dark.

And The World Ends.

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