Lonely People

December 21, 2007
By Christina Jamison, Ukiah, CA

As she sits there,
With her face in her hands.
She wonders how she can get away,
How she can escape to a far away wonderland.

The time passes by slowly,
There is no way to move along.
She feels so lonely,
Like the lyrics to a very sad song.

The pain is too much for her,
She can't control her screams.
Her eyes are fully flooded now,
And the blood from her heart streams.

All the scares she has,
Inside and out,
Are ones that show bleeding,
Her body is left in a drought.

The longing she had,
For things to brighten up,
Has vanished and darkened,
For her, there's just no luck.

She understands her weaknesses,
But she won’t fight another day.
Now that she can comprehend this,
She will die today.

I don’t understand my own feelings
It’s like they’re all jumbled up inside
Each thought that crosses my mind
Takes me under like the strongest tide
Over the span of my live
I’ve only met powerful people
That seemed so trustworthy
But turned out to be so lethal
Like my father that left me
Because he didn’t care
And my mother’s first husband
That didn’t understand how to play fair
Then there was my live-in babysitter
That took my innocence like it was free
And now my current step dad
That releases all his anger out on me
All these men
That have claimed to love me
Are sick and disturbing people
Who knew exactly how to break me
These people left me upset
With tears covering my shirt
They destroyed my happiness
They left me so hurt

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