Where'd you go?

June 30, 2011
By , Kewanna, IN
"Daddy, I love you!"
Little girl, so naive
Daddy's much worse
Than your little mind can conceive
Daddy isn't as perfect
As your eyes see
Daddy is in trouble
It's not you or me
Daddy gave up
So long ago
He's turned bad
He still loves you though
He just wanted something more
Than a little girl's love
We don't know why Daddy's hurt
Maybe it's just because...
But no, we're not stupid
Daddy thought drugs were better
He loves them more
Than us, his daughters
We gave it all girls
Tried out best
Let Daddy go now
Because he cares so much less
He was my best friend too
Perfect in every way
No matter how hard we try
Daddy will never stay
But I still love you
Aways here for you
Mommy loves us,
Give anything for you too
Forget Daddy now
As he forgot us
A momentary high, I guess
Was better than out love

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