I just wish I get to star in another movie.

December 21, 2007
By Kirsten Wiskoff, Portland, OR

Life just gives you those times; They're so perfect that you just don't want them to end. You never seem to notice how much you were enjoying yourself until it's over. You realize that it was a moment that will probably never happen again.

I used to have a lot of those moments and always wondered what I did to deserve them. But, I never really questioned it much. I just though that I was one of those lucky few people.

Then I stopped having those moments, and I would wonder what I did to not deserve them.

Today I had one of those moments again. Sure, it wasn't as elaborate as some movies might have made it, but I felt like everything was better for a while. I thought that things had to get better.

Made it was a good omen. Maybe it was telling me that things reached their peak and this is as good as it is ever going to get. Who really knows?

I just wish I get to star in another movie.

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