I hate this feeling of dependence

December 21, 2007
By Laura Riggins, St. James, MO

I hate this feeling of dependence

I hate all that come

That poem I read so long ago

Is ringing in my head -

"and every night I count the stars

And every night I get the same number.

And when they do not come to be counted

I count the holes they leave."

Whispers and laughter, I care not for what they say

I only care I only cared for one who walked away

He never said goodbye Never met my eyes

I see him nearly every day

And though he is the nearest boy

He is so far away.

Dismal basements, glowing screens, I stare at them in wonder

No longer have I feeling, No longer do I need it

And still there echoes in my ear the sound of distant thunder.

There is no love in this world I see only fantasy

We imagine what we do not see and ignore the other.

Leave your fantasies at the door and come and see the lie

I searched for love within evolving forms and found

That long ago it died.

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