No I don't wanna try no more!!!

December 21, 2007
You can cry,beg, or get on your knees while on the floor
I don't wanna try no more
You can say you will try
But its too late "goodbye"

After all the things you put me through
You still don't wanna admit its true
I can't believe what you just did
But all is done and said

My love for you is out the door
What should I care for?
In my heart there is no place
Now you can disown my face

I don't wanna share a home
No more, don't dial my number on the phone
The promises you make really hurts bad
That's why i count on my dad

You was the one insisting
When i felt like resisting
This will never happen again
Things will not stay like they've been
You caused my heart lots of pain
Now i'm not the same

I can't believe you didnt do what you said
Its over,it was already did
You hurt me, but i ain't gonna fall
It's me [yonnie],i'm gonna stand tall

You can't beg me on the floor
I'm closing the door

No I don't wanna try no more!!!

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