Not Supposed to Love You

June 29, 2011
By PLATINUM, Guelph, Other PLATINUM, Guelph, Other
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"Do I dare disturb the universe?" -T.S. Eliot

Not supposed to love you,
I’m not supposed to try and see,
What the future could have held,
If you had fallen for me.

Not supposed to want to die,
I’m not supposed to care,
About what it would feel like,
If I didn’t have to share.

Not supposed to feel alone,
I’m not supposed to feel so blue,
If I give you the best of me,
Why does she get the best of you?

Not supposed to wonder,
About where you are tonight,
I’m not supposed to be praying:
One of these days you’ll have a fight.

Not supposed to smile,
When all I want is to curl up and cry,
As you tell me how much you love her,
I’m not supposed to break inside.

Not supposed to laugh,
At all the funny things you say,
I’ll always be your best friend but,
I’m not supposed to suffer this way.

Not supposed to think,
About you every second of every day,
I’m not supposed to silently wish,
That you’ll speak the words I want you to say.

Not supposed to respect,
All you’ve ever done for me,
I’m not supposed to lie in bed,
Hoping she knows that she’s lucky.

Not supposed to hide,
All these secrets in my heart,
I’m not supposed to feel anything,
As she tears my dreams apart.

Not supposed to believe,
That one day you’ll realise,
That you deserve so much more than her,
I’m not supposed to live a life of sighs.

Not supposed to long for,
The day I’ll finish thinking it through,
The day I will actually believe that,
I’m not supposed to love you.

The author's comments:
When I was a girl I would look out my bedroom window at the caterpillars; I envied them so much. No matter what they were before, no matter what happened to them, they could just hide away and turn into these beautiful creatures that could fly away completely untouched.
-Corinne Fisher

This piece is for everyone who wishes they were a caterpillar.

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