Daddy, why did you go?

May 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Daddy

You died on a Monday night on April 14th 1995. You were only 35 years old, I was just 5 months old when you committed suicide. There isn’t a single day where I don’t think about you, or what my life would hold if you still here with me. I’m not sure why you left me, or the people that love you behind, but maybe it was just something you had planed out for me while I grew up to who I am now. I know things are much different without you around, there isn’t a day where I don’t look up and smile and know you are looking back down at me. Every day I go to school to make mom proud and put a smile on her face, even it lasts only for awhile, sometimes it feels like she will never see how much I try to put a smile on her face.
Sarah is already 23 years old now, she has gotten so skinny, and her face brings tears to my face. The drug meth that she smokes every day makes her so different looking almost like she doesn’t want to be clean. Lindsay got two kids now, she has Oliver, He is 1 month old and Tony is already 3 years old. Congrats you are a grandpa! I have been on my own ever since I was fourteen years old, and mom has been drinking more and more every day.
I am here with a good friend name Betty. Betty has taught me a great important stuff in life, she is like my own mom, she had been there for me since nobody else was, and Betty is a bright, beautiful, wonderful lady. Betty has helped me through the times when I had to talk about my feelings I bottle up inside, I’m always thankful I met Betty when I did, she is my best friend.
I learned in life, make sure yourself is happy before others. I want you to know you will always be my dad, and nobody will ever change that feeling from me, I hope you know you give me the strength to wake up every morning. I am here today because I want you to know I will always love you dad, and you are my world. Whenever I see your grave, I am so happy because I am closer to you than I ever had before you held me in your arms. I am still thankful and blessed I had you once. I know one day I will meet you again, and we won’t be separated.
I will always love you Mark Owen Rounds!
We will meet again, but just for right now, please just
Rest in peace until we meet again.
Love always, your daughter Stacy.

The author's comments:
I will always miss my dadd!

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