He and She

June 27, 2011
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there once was a time where he loved she-
you were he;
and she was me.
togetherness was our destiny,
if you separated them, they wouldn't roam free.

they were made to be together-
he and she.
but she used he
and he wouldn't sit
with being thought of as only an “it”
when he was a he.
so he left she;
setting her heart free

she wept for days-
mind in a haze
heart fazed
brain dazed

she soon came to her senses and chased after he
but alas he wanted to be left be...
she mourned for he
for she adored he-
love wasn't a strong
enough word.

but nothing mattered anymore
for he and she's destiny called
for she's insanity
their fates would no longer collide-
and she lost all her pride.

she realized her mistake, yet felt no remorse;
for she knew:
if she hadn't used he
he would still love she.
their destinies would still collide-
and every breath they breathed
and every stride they took might've
been side by side.

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