Days of Our Lives

June 27, 2011
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My life was innocent back then,
I played games, again and again,
had time to do whatever I pleased,
had a baby doll that I squeezed,
had other dolls to throw and cuddle,
splashed around in wet mud puddles,
spinning in circles, round and round,
jumping right back up when I fell down,
Oh, how I miss these days.

Stroking my cat, he’s warm and furry,
watching the beetles hop and scurry,
listenin’ to the birdsongs on the breeze,
got bright green grass stains on my knees,
blastin’ pop music from my car,
got a full tank of gas, so I can go far,
walking in the sun with my friends,
wishing these moments wouldn’t end,
Oh, how I love these days.

Spinning out of control for so many reasons,
trying to hide my inner demons,
crying ‘til my eyes are sore,
can’t take this stress anymore,
my head is filled with whirling doubts,
makes me want to scream and shout,
Oh, how I hate these days.

Being satisfied with all I’ve done,
all tasks complete, so I can have fun,
no worries stewing in my head,
excited for the future ahead,
being filled with confidence,
love shinin’ on me in radiance,
Oh, how I wish for these days.

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