December 21, 2007
By Jessica Lysdahl, Siren, WI

My sister Heather was as gracious
as a butterfly.
But why, why did she have to die?
I miss her so much and all the things
about her,
but I know she’s in heaven,
and that’s for sure.
That night that tragedy happened,
I was in my cousin’s bed.
I prayed my family would be safe,
but she was hit by a car and was
almost dead.
A little while after
we found out she died.
All I wanted to do was
cry and cry and cry.
I ran into my mother’s arms and
burst into tears.
I never got to say goodbye,
and now she isn’t here.
I wish she never
would’ve moved away,
because then she wouldn’t
have died that day.
I miss her voice, her laughter,
her smile,
and I’ll miss her again only after
a little while.
I wish I could go back in time,
and change the day that she died.
I know it’s not possible
to bring her from the dead.
But she will always be alive
inside my heart and head.
I miss everything about her.
Now all I say is,

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