Time Passes By

December 21, 2007
By Patricia Boh, Hudson, OH

Seemingly time has passed me by,
Came and went, all surprised.
So I’ve tucked away my coloring books
And plastic dolls,
Said my last goodbyes.

In a box under my bed lies the past:
Japanese CD’s, teen poetry, baseball cards—
Gone are my childhood years in a spark,
Placed into darkness where they shall stay
Where only the dust can touch.

Soon my yearbooks, Christmas ornaments, photos
All leave my mind, quickly like time;
I leave this city, my home, my other life
As time never seems to slow
But rather speed in motion.

Though if I ever choose to return
(No promises made there)
To my past home,
And walk up the creaky dust-inhabited stairs
To my childhood room,
I’d look under the blue blanket-clad bed
And I’d see that
Nothing really had ever changed.

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