The End of an Era

June 27, 2011
By RevealerC BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
RevealerC BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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I'll no longer devote myself to her affections
The Goddess she shall be no more

For when She did appear 
Whom I had long held dear
She was not as I knew her before

She had changed, my beloved, and none for the better
As I studied her face I did find
After all of my years of unflagging devotion
I had made her all up in my mind

My heart put her up on a pedestal lofty
And raised her unto the divine
I know that this error was one very costly
As now she can never be mine

I have fallen in love with a phantom perfection
All her deficiencies worn off by time
So that now with her model she has no connection
But lives in the shadow world of the sublime

I believe I should feel horrified by this knowledge
Or experiencing sadness o'er what cannot be
Yet I am not oppressed by these thoughts; my emotions
Are in a state  which I can only call "free"

For now that I'm certain this girl is no longer
The woman I thought her to be in my head
I'm finally able to end my obsession
And focus on finding a real girl instead

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