I'm Only Saying This Once

June 26, 2011
I wish I could talk about you behind your back all day,
But it's not worth my time at all.
I'm going to leave everything about you and run away
From you and your terrible face. The way you embrace your hate.
And the things you said to me are lies. So I'm running away from you.
I used to like you, we used to love each other, but you turned me blue.

Though colors they fade.
You made me passion purple to depression blue then to envy green.
Though now I don't wanna care about you and I'm only gonna say this once; Write you this one last poem. Everything you said it was a lie.
We watched as the world watch you cry. Everything you do it was for fame. What you got now is a world of pain.

I never loved you at all.
I was just so lost in my own world and I never wanted anyone. I wanted to be with you only because of you. You needed someone.
Someone to guide you, lead you out of your terrible life. But no, never had the stupid chance to save you because you're insecure. You're conceit, selfish, rude, dumb and freaking crazy.

I never needed you.
The way we talked, the way you lied to me, I regretted it.
The days we argued, the days you cried for no reason, forget about it. All you want is friends and love. How can you earn love if you're such a snob? You're so acutely ignorant. Just wanting to be perfect won't lead you to perfection.
And hear me out. I know you don't want to listen, but I'm only saying this once.

I absolutely hate you.
Regardless of what everybody said, were not each others destination.
No, I want you out of my life. Running from you won't help.
Everything you said it was a lie. We watched as the world watch you cry.Everything you did was for the fame. What you have now is a world of shame.

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