I Know

June 26, 2011
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There she was, right in front of me. She had golden hair and was the definition of beauty.

I walked straight to her. Her beauty confounded me to where the rest was a blur.

Somehow we ended up on the corner of Main. I realized I forgot my umbrella as it started to rain.

But still we stood there. Not a worry, not a pain, not a care.

As her grip on my neck grew harder, I knew that if she was the religion of Christianity, I would a 1000 times be a martyr.

She had sky blues and cherry red lips. I wish I would’ve known today that it was an angel I would later kiss.

I felt happiness and cheer. Then upon that angel’s face, I felt tears.

I asked desperately, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” She replied, “Can I say something if I may?”

I said, “Of course, just tell me what’s making you feel blue.” She looked at me deeply and said, “Do you know I love you?”

I didn’t know what to say, I was simply flustered. Then I said, “Did you just say what I think I just heard?”

She nodded yes. That’s when I said, “From now until the end of time, there’s no way I could love you less.”

A smile then formed upon her gorgeous face. I couldn’t control my heart, it was beating beyond pace.

I then realized every moment before was an all time low. I started to say that I loved her and she turned to me and simply said, “Yes darling, I know.”

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