Stay With Me Tonight Hikari

June 26, 2011
By CarolineMata GOLD, Fresno, California
CarolineMata GOLD, Fresno, California
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"If I can do any good in this world it's with my pen." Walt Witman. It's not my quote, but it is my favorite.

Watch over me Hikari.
Please stay with me throughout the night.
Don't let me dream such terrible dreams.
Make sure I don't stop breathing,
for this has almost happened many times.
Crouch beside my slumbering form,
hold my hand and stay on guard.
Call all the soldiers in the land,
and animals-to scare away the damned.
Please stay with me tonight my friend,
and organize my nightly fight,
for there is no one else, Hikari, whom I trust to kill my fright.

The author's comments:
Strange how it seemed like fighting a war just to fall asleep at night as a child. Good thing I had Hikari.

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